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“I have seen Morgane three times for acupuncture, to help alleviate tightness in my back. I highly recommend her services. I appreciate Morgane’s holistic approach, her observational skills, and her questions about how I am feeling, before starting treatments. The session is then tailored around the specific needs of that day, so each treatment will be different, depending on how the client is moving (and feeling). I felt some improvement from the first session, and felt increasingly and exponentially better after the second ans third. Morgane had suggested about three sessions initially, and I must admit, she was correct. I advise booking one treatment ahead, as Morgane is usually fully booked.” (I. Cleo)

“Very professional and has made a significant improvement to my back aches.” (E. Stanley)

“After moving countries and leaving behind my acupuncturist of 10 years, I was searching for someone in London and was lucky enough to find Morgane. She is extremely professional and knowledgable, understands exactly where to put the needle for my unique body, and truly cares. Her presence is calming, she treats very deeply, and I always leave feeling like a new person! Since seeing her for just a few months, her treatments have helped my mental anxiety, regulated my menstrual cycle, and thanks to the herbs she prescribed, the terrible acne which covered my face is almost clear. (I wish I’d known sooner that acupuncture and herbs were so effective for skin/acne problems – would’ve saved a lot of money and time!) I’m so grateful for Morgane’s work and recommend her most highly.” (S. Glander)

“I went to see Morgane for a frozen shoulder. I had already done 17 Kinesiology sessions which produced no change. After only one session with Morgane I already felt a change, and after four sessions the improvement was huge! She complemented acupuncture with deep massage and cupping, and today I have no pain whatsoever. Morgane is very professional and really shows passion for her work. She is now my go to person!” (Daphné, Business owner)

“I just had a wonderful treatment with Morgane. I was traveling through London, and the plane had given me severe back pain. Morgane was kind enough to make time for me on short notice. My back pain is completely gone, and i woke up the next day with significantly less hay fever. I feel much better all around. Morgane is a wonderful practitioner, knowledgeable and caring. I am rather picky with acupuncture as I am an acupuncturist myself… Morgane is great!!! I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of care.” (Genevieve Le Goff)

“I approached Morgane out of desperation as my husband and I had been trying for a baby for some time with no luck. I had read that acupuncture could help with infertility and to calm me down. I immediately felt at ease when I met Morgane. She is such a lovely person – very understanding with a gentle manner. It helped that she was clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Within 8 weeks of starting treatment I became pregnant and since then have given birth to our little angel! I am incredibly grateful to Morgane for all her help. Also, you really can talk to Morgane about anything which is a huge relief. I have been recommending her to everyone I know.” (B. Vegh, Development Manager)

“Morgane has treated me on many occasions via acupuncture and therapeutic massage for arthritis and sciatica with good results. I have absolute trust in her skill and application, she is personable, professional and I thoroughly endorse her in her fields.” (Graham D. J.)

“After suffering from chronic back problems for many years Morgan was the first therapist I saw who actually provided relief. Since having sessions with her my quality of life has improved ten fold and I strongly recommend her treatments to everyone.” (Samantha S. D.)

“Morgane’s knowledge of Chinese medicine is extensive and impressive. Her deep tissue massage are, by far, the best!” (Avis C.)

“I used to have strong pelvic pain due to a small ovarian cyst and endometriosis. According to the doctors the only remedy for my situation was by undergoing to laparoscopy. However a friend of mine highly recommended to have some acupucture session before undergoing to any operation. Therefore I started my session with Morgane at the end of February. I had a weekly acupunture session, and after just a couple of months, thanks to her treatment and chinese herbs that Morgane gave to me, my condition has complitely changed. I don’t feel pain anymore and ovarian cyst didn’t grow. I highly recommend Morgane as she is very professional, experienced and she knows exatly how to meet your needs.” (Fabiana M.)

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3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I have got two frozen shoulders, which I have been battling with for months, and then I found Morgane! She is very unique with her methods and has a natural instinct and ability when it comes to what she does. She also makes you feel very relaxed and she takes a genuine interest in what the problem is. It’s as if she tunes into you. I feel that Morgane has done more for me in two sessions compared to many months of physio. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

  2. I recently went to see Morgane for some treatment for Tendonitis on my foot. After just one session my foot started to feel better, Morgane use a combination of massage and acupuncture and i also came away with pressure points that I pressed 5 times a day for pain relief. I’ve had my 2nd session now and my foot is well and truly on the mend. Morgane was very professional and knowledgable and knew exactly what was needed, I can’t recommend her highly enough, would 100% go back and see her again.

  3. I initially booked an appointment with Morgane to help relieve tention in my shoulder and upper back. Morgane instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable. She takes time to find out how I’m feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally at the start of each treatment so she can tailor each treatment to my changing needs. She is instinctive intuitive and completely focused. I have had 3 sessions so far of acupuncture and Tui Na massage. My shoulder is no longer painful, my back feels looser and I feel like my posture has improved. I feel much more settled and stronger emotionally and hense more positive.
    Morgane is extremely knowledgeable with natural ability and passion for healing and health which makes her a very accumplished practitioner. I highly recommend her, which is not something I say lightly.

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